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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Quick Answer: Yes and No.

Cell Phones may ONLY be used outside of the classroom.

Cell Phones MAY NOT be used in the classroom, ISS, After-School Detention, and during state testing.

Students must surrender phones to the cell phone holders located in each classroom at the beginning of each class period.

At the teacher’s discretion, phones may be used for INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and must follow the teacher’s directives when using phones in the classroom.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in the following:

  • First Offense: Phone is given to administrator & parent must come pick up phone.
  • Second Offense and beyond:  Phone is given to administrator & parent must come pick up phone and will be required to pay a $15 fine.


Liberty-Eylau ISD is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged devices.


SSID: “student”

Password: Liberty55 (capital L, all one word)

Staff: Please refer to your “Library Resources” document in the LE High School Shared Folder.


For 2019-2020, the drss code is as follows:

●  Headgear may not be worn

●  Only nose and ear piercing are allowed

●  Shorts, dresses and skirts cannot be shorter than 4 inches from the bend of the knee

●  Shirts must have sleeves

●  Pants must be worn on or above the hips

●  Tight fitting pants (leggings, spandex, jeggings) must be layered with shorts, skirt or shirt that must not be shorter than 6 inches from the bend of the knee

●  No skin may be visible through clothing above the knee.

●  Shirts with designated gang affiliation, specific race or power, drug, alcohol or tobacco symbols, crude or suggestive slogans and/or weapons will not be allowed

●  Pants with unbuttoned straps or suspenders will not be allowed

●  Rollers and picks are not allowed to be carried in the hair

●  Students will not be allowed to be barefoot or wear house shoes/slippers

●  Shirts cannot be see-through

●  Students cannot have exposed skin on the torso

●  Extra-curricular uniforms that do not meet the dress code guidelines will not be allowed in the classroom

*Dress code violations will be at the discretion of the administrator

There are eight 48-minute classes, with 7 minutes between classes. NO warning bells.

Liberty-Eylau High School is a CLOSED campus, therefore students are NOT allowed to leave campus for lunch. If you leave campus without authorization, discipline action will be taken. Please see an administrator for any exceptions.

The Red River Credit Union Student Kiosk has identical hours to the Library. However the Kiosk is NOT open after school. The best time for service is before school 7:30 AM – 8:00AM.

The Patty F. Davis Memorial Library Hours of Operation are: 


Before School: 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM

During Both Lunches

After School: 3:36-4:00


You are not allowed to leave class to go to the library unless you have permission from the librarian and your teacher.