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Graduation 2020 Info

2020 Graduation Plans

Dear Parents,


We know that many of you have questions regarding graduation this year. There is no perfect answer for how to proceed and no decision will be popular with everyone. If state and local leaders loosen group size restrictions before our scheduled graduation date of Thursday, May 21, we will hold graduation as scheduled at Harris Field at 7:00 PM. If not, we will choose one of the options below:


  1. May 21 graduation at Harris Field with limited audience tickets. 

    1. Seniors will be spaced apart on the field.

    2. Seniors will receive 10 family tickets. 

    3. Families will be assigned seats and must sit together, apart from other families. 


  1. May 21 Online Virtual Graduation. 

    1. Seniors and limited family members will come to the High School at scheduled times to pre-record their diploma reception/senior walk. 

    2. Administration and student speeches will be pre-recorded and the ceremony will be presented live online at 7:00 on May 21. 

    3. This will be a “live” online video where parents and loved ones can react in real time.

    4. If we have to have this type of virtual ceremony our goal (again contingent on state regulations) is to have a celebration event later in the summer with fun, food, and games for students and their friends. 


  1. June 25 graduation at Harris Field with no ticket limit. 

    1. If state and local leaders loosen group size restrictions by June 25, we will hold our graduation as planned at Harris Field without audience ticket limits. 


Senior students will are asked to vote for the type of ceremony you prefer at the link below: You must log in using your school email address to vote!


Scan Here on Your Smartphone


Votes will be tallied and will be used to help administration choose the most appropriate path forward.


Again, we fully recognize that there are no perfect solutions, and any decision made will not make everyone happy. Regardless of the outcome, this Senior year will certainly be one to remember!



Ronnie Thompson -Superintendent